Unboxing the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit

With our new game-changing pi-top [4] Robotics Kit, we wanted to take all the power of the Raspberry Pi and combine it with the robust modularity that you get from something like LEGO Technic.

pi-top [4] Robotics Kit Unboxing


The pi-top [4] Robotics Kit comes with electronic components such as a wide-angle camera, servos and motors, all of which plug and play with the pi-top [4] Complete or pi-top [4] DIY Edition. Computer vision, applied AI, rapid prototyping and IoT, the only limit is your imagination!

The kit works when plugged into the pi-top [4] Complete or pi-top [4] DIY Edition, which functions as the robot's brain.

Another factor that makes the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit stand out from other products on the market is that it offers users unique access to a powerful suite of open-source libraries. Makers will have the choice of working in any open-source software from Python to Robot Operating System (ROS) and even full deployment in a .NET environment.

Whether you’re just starting out with robotics or have been building them for a long time, we hope we’ve created something that will inspire you and give you the tools to turn your ideas into a reality!


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