Coding Music
with pi‑top [4]

Have fun learning to code with 12 one-to-one tutoring sessions

Raspberry Pi-based computer and Electronics Kit worth over $270 included!


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Learn how to create new sounds and program your very own music Synth using a live coding environment.

  • For ages 11 - 100
  • Beginner to Intermediate Level
  • FREE Computer & Electronics Kit worth over $270
  • Special Launch offer - buy now and save $200!

Learn how to connect physical components such as buttons and sound & light sensors to activate and control your code.

Learn how computers are built

Code in Python

Connect physical components

Troubleshoot Code

Our pi-top Certified Trainers come from top universities, are chosen for their technical and communication skills, and have CR checks for working with children.

  • Content aligns to CSTA Level 2 Standards
  • 12 one-hour sessions arranged to suit your schedule
  • Course only available in English

“My daughters are so excited after each session and chatter non-stop about what they’ve learned! They’re having fun while developing future-proof skills such as prototyping, coding & troubleshooting, plus creativity and logical thinking.”

- Sarah, mum to two teenage girls

Go Further with pi‑top

pi-top [4] sits at the heart of our easy-to-use, rugged and modular system for learning to code. Your pi-top [4] computer comes with:

  • Electronics Kit containing 14 components including sensors, LEDs, buttons & more
  • Free lifetime access to our online project library, with step-by-step guides for projects ranging from an alarm system to making your own musical instrument

Connect your pi-top [4] to your laptop, your own screen & keyboard, or our FHD Touch Display & Bluetooth Keyboard (sold separately).

Course details

What’s included

  • pi‑top [4] Electronics Kit
  • x1 pi-top [4] Computer, x1 Foundation Plate, x1 Sound Sensor, x1 Light Sensor, x2 Buttons, x1 Buzzer, x2 Potentiometers, x2 Red LEDs, x2 Green LEDs, x2 Yellow LEDs, x1 Ultrasonic Sensor, x8 Connector cables, Lifetime access to Further project library


  • 11-17


  • Python, pi-top Further


  • x12 One hour session with 1to1 tutoring. Available in English only.


  • Mac or Windows computer with webcam, microphone, and speaker or headset. Stable internet connection with Zoom video-conferencing.