Bring computer science
to life!

Teaching & learning computer science made fun and easy!


Everything you need to teach computer science & robotics - from beginning coding to advanced AI.


Hundreds of hours of interactive, standards-aligned CS & STEAM lessons - from beginner to advanced.

Learning Platform

Intuitive digital content and classroom management platform, Further, designed for Computer Science instruction.


Classroom tough, modular, portable, programmable devices to bring Computer Science into the physical world.

Simplify your Computer Science Classroom

A single, comprehensive system for teachers (and students) at any skill level.


Robotics Kit

Bringing coding and engineering to life


(Online learning platform)

Simple classroom management with 125+ hours of lessons and activities

pi-top [4]

The durable, portable and programmable “brain” that powers your projects

Electronics Kit

Buttons, Sensors, Lights, and more - for all your STEAM projects.

CS & Robotics Kit

Everything your computer science classroom needs!

Teachers love using pi-top!

The perfect solution for your school!

Teach basic to advanced computer science with our all-in-one solution.

What's included...

pi-top [4]

Classroom tough, portable coding/programming device, the pi-top [4] is the “brain” that drives your computer science and robotics kits.


Electronics Kit

A collection of lights, sensors, buttons and dials, great for STEAM projects.


Robotics Kit

Build one of our three robots or design your own project with the 50+ metal plates, rivets, camera, motors and more.


Your computer science classroom
in a box!

Teaching computer science and robotics should be fun and easy!


Not every computer science teacher has a background in technology, but it doesn’t have to be scary to teach! 

We provide step-by-step instructions for every lesson in Further and include everything you need for an engaging CS class, no experience required.