Powered by the brand new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, the pi‑top [4] unlocks a world of designing, coding and making.

With its internal battery and sturdy construction, pi‑top [4] gets computing off the desk or couch and out into the world to do real projects. 

Attach it to a drone or balloon for a bird’s eye view, connect moisture sensors to record environmental changes or wildlife, wear it to measure movement and motion and use it to control everything from robotic vehicles to stage lights. With pi‑top [4] you get to design, code and make just about anything.

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Click below to see some of the showcase projects that show what pi‑top [4] can do.




 Weather Balloon


 Humanoid Robot


 Portable Photo Booth


 Light and Sound


 Hydroponics Farming

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At the heart of pi‑top [4] is the brand new Raspberry Pi 4, offering a huge increase in power and speed meaning you can make and do so much more.

pi‑top [4] comes with the following: gigabit ethernet meaning faster network storage and access to servers, dual HDMI for two 4k screen displays, 4GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM meaning more applications can run, two USB 3 ports and one USB 2 port for connecting devices and peripherals. 



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Every pi‑top [4] comes with 14 pi-top component modules comprising programmable sensors, buttons and LEDs to bring your inventions to life. You connect these to your pi‑top [4] using a Foundation Plate that fits snuggly underneath it. The Foundation Plate is a beginner level plate that lets you connect LEDs, sensors and potentiometers to make circuits, games and electronic systems.

Also included:
16GB SD card with pi-topOS
Power supply
Ethernet cable
Hex key

Plus one-year warranty

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pi‑top [4] can be used in lots of set up configurations, allowing you to choose the one that’s right for what you need to do. pi‑top [4] works straight out of the box using your existing screen, keyboard and mouse. You can also control it using your phone, tablet or computer (such as Chromebook, PC and Mac). Finally, it also plays nice with the rest of the pi‑top family. 


With pi‑top [4] you can connect two 4k screens via the dual micro HDMI ports and its own built-in OLED mini screen. This can be programmed to display information on projects you’re running such as data and readings from sensors, to system information like battery life and CPU usage. The four buttons either side are also fully programmable with a wide range of commands and actions.


As well as great hardware, pi‑top [4] includes Further, our new social making engine. Further lets you share your designs, code and projects with other users from around the world, as well as in invite-only workgroups. It means you can collaborate and work with anyone, iterating ideas and designs and making together. 



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