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From beginner to advanced, Further offers 250+ hours of exciting standards-aligned computer science lessons and activities.

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Single Sign-On with Clever or Google Classroom

Sync your classes and students with Further - no manual set-up. Talk with us about integrating with other cloud-based LMS.

Align to a range of standards

Filter content based on curriculum requirements, to ensure students have the skills and experience they need.

Monitor your students’ lessons

Include tasks within projects that students need to complete. At any time, you can view student responses to tasks and give feedback using comments.

Training sessions & facilitator guides.

We provide training and guides to help educators use pi-top’s ecosystem within their classroom for better learning outcomes.

Customise your lessons

Teachers can add or remove sections, and change them to reference items available in their school.

Step-by-step teacher guides

Scope & Sequences documents with detailed teacher guides help teachers plan lessons.

Access a world of challenges

By combining Further with our hardware, students in a physics, chemistry or design class can learn with hands-on physical computing and coding.

Deploy code from Further to a pi-top

Our ‘Code Runner’ allows students to write code on their computers, send code to the pi-top [4] for execution, and interact with it in real-time.

“The key challenge for me was bringing learning to life with creativity. I love the physical element of the pi-top [4] and the range of projects that can be developed.”

Emma Williams, Assistant Principal Academic,
Wyedean School

Computer Science and STEAM

Further gives students the tools to meet key STEAM standards while building the important soft skills crucial for their future. Skills attained through Further lessons include:

  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity

"The Further lesson platform really ties it all together, incorporating the physical components with lots of engaging online activities, that students of all ages and skill levels are able to take on."

Justin Higgins, Computer Science & IT Teacher,
Thorpe St. Andrew School & Sixth Form

Classroom Further Licensing

Included features:


Access to all public projects


Save progress in projects


Deploy code from Further to a pi-top


Register using Clever or Google account


Create new projects


Training sessions & facilitator guides


Synchronize students/classes with Clever & Google


Manage classes of students and assign projects


Monitor student progress and add comments


Assign tasks in projects to assist with assessment


Customize existing projects


Assign state standards to projects



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