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pi-top [4]

A Raspberry Pi-based, programmable computing ecosystem that combines digital making, coding and practical projects.

Educators, students, inventors or anyone else who would like to design, code and make anything they can imagine using one simple system.

A low-cost, credit-card sized computer that is capable of performing any tasks you’d expect a regular computer to do.

We suggest starting with one of our bundles that combine the pi-top [4] with an Electronics Kit, a Robotics Kit, or both. You can then use our Further Library to walk you through the beginner project of your choice.

Yes, you can use your pi-top anywhere!

pi-top is perfect for school use. Students from beginner to advanced can use pi-top to learn new computer science and engineering skills.

Yes, you can use it for all of your standard tasks, web-browsing, word processing etc.

The fastest and simplest way to start using Raspberry Pi with a plethora of optional extra kits and a well supported community and guides.

pi-top isn’t a normal computer! Your pi-top is the computer “brain”, that can be used to create and code any project you can dream up.

No - the pi-top [4] is much more than a case for the Raspberry Pi. True, it includes a protective case, but it also adds a 5 hour internal battery, an integrated cooling fan, USB ports, labeled GPIO pins, a speaker, and more!

The best way to get started with the pi-top [4] is by going to pi-top | Getting started with pi-top products and choosing the product you have. You will then be guided through a set-up process which will get your pi-top product ready to go. Once you have set-up your device you can head over to and start making a project! There are also other great Raspberry Pi learning resources which you can access at Projects | Raspberry Pi Projects

The pi-top [4] is a portable computer and has a screen and keyboard accessory you can purchase here. To use it you need to plug the device into a monitor (or TV with an HDMI port available) and keyboard/ mouse, or you can connect it to another computer/ laptop via our Further software link. Find the instructions on how to do this here.

The pi-top [4] offers 5 hours of use when used on its own and 2.5 hours when used with a screen/keyboard.

Yes! Just find a protected space to keep it out of the rain.

They are the same product but the DIY lacks several accessories including a Raspberry Pi 4, Power Supply Unit, SD card with Pi-topOS and our Display Cable.

Your pi-top [4] is compatible with a world of accessories. We have made an Electronics Kit and a Robotics Kit that are built for beginners who want to turn into experts in coding, electronics and Robotics. You can learn to use these great kits at pi-top [4] is also compatible with a range of 3rd party products like Grove Sensors, Micro:Bit, Arduino, Makey Makey and a whole range of Raspberry Pi HATs.

The pi-top [4] uses an operating system called pi-topOS. Our custom built Linux Operating System is purpose built for makers and inventors to get the most out of creating anything you want to. Very similar to Windows and Mac Operating Systems you will find a range of useful apps and productivity tools available to use and download.

The pi-topOS is the the operating system we’ve created that is built on top of the Raspberry Pi OS. You can get the latest version here.

Download the tool Etcher and follow the steps here.

The pi-top [4] requires a minimum of 36 Watt power supply. The power supply should be supplying either 12 or 15 Volts.

Visit our Support Page which provides support in the forms of guides, articles, forums and our personal services.

Further Project Library

Further is pi-top’s learning management system for STEM with 100+ hours of activities, combining physical computing and project-based learning.

You can visit Further here.

There are over 100 hours of easy-to-follow project in Further, with new projects continually being added.

We suggest pi-top for ages 11 and up - at any computer science skill level.

Yes, but more features are available with a Further license for schools, such as managing classes of students.


Visit our Knowledge Base for common issues or contact our support team at

Project Sets & Kits

The Electronics Kit is aimed for beginners who want to learn the basics of coding and physical computing

Our Electronics Kit includes the pi-top [4] and contains 14 components including programmable sensors, buttons, and LEDs.

The Robotics Kit is great for learners who have begun exploring coding and are ready to delve into the next level of challenges.

The Robotics Kit can be used with our Further project library to build four different robots. However, you can use the components to plan and build your own creations!


No, they can be used completely independently to one another.

The keyboard can be connected to any device via Bluetooth or USB.

The Touchscreen can be connected to any device with our pi-top Display Cable.

To connect to your FHD Touchscreen visit here.

To pair your Bluetooth Keyboard visit here.

Used to connect your pi-top 4 to the FHD Touchscreen or any other 3rd party HDMI monitor or computer.

Orders, shipping & returns

You can buy pi-top products here on our website, on Amazon, or from one of our official resellers.

We or our official resellers ship to most countries in the world except for some regions in South America, Africa and India.

Shipping is free for most orders to most countries. You can read our shipping policy here.

We recommend to allow 5-7 working days, but in many cases your order will be delivered within a couple of days.

Contact the pi-top support team on