Bionic Buzz interview pi-top co-founder Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano, pi-top co-founder, sat down to have a chat with Bionic Buzz about the new pi-top [4] Robotics Kit and what you can make with it.


pi-top [4] Robotics Kit Demo

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The pi-top [4] Robotics Kit is the culmination of years of work by the team, and a long-awaited addition to our product range. As Jesse shows in the interview, this game-changing robotics kit combines all the power of the Raspberry Pi with the robust modularity of LEGO Technic, working seamlessly with the pi-top [4] Complete or DIY Edition.

The kit also offers users unique access to a powerful suite of open-source libraries. Makers will have the choice of working in any open-source software from Python to Robot Operating System (ROS) and even full deployment in a .NET environment.

To find out more about the all-new pi-top [4] Robotics Kit, visit this page. 

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