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The 5 qualities of a great computer science teacher.

By Stephanie Calcott on Feb 15, 2023 5:11:09 AM

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Many states are beginning to mandate computer science, and districts are gearing up to add the subject to their curriculum. However, there is a large shortage of teachers trained in CS combined with a lack of budget to hire new teachers.

And you know what that means... Schools have to look at their existing staff and determine who is the best fit to teach this new subject. If you're tapped to teach computer science and have zero background in the subject, don't be afraid! Great CS teachers don't always know how to code, or build robots. 

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If you don't need to be a subject matter expert, what does make a great computer science teacher? 

  1. Passion for teaching and learning new things: Computer Science is all about learning and experimentation. A great computer science teacher has a genuine passion for learning and is excited about sharing this enthusiasm with students.

  2. Ability to connect with students: A great computer science teacher will connect with students of all skill levels to build positive and supportive relationships, creating a safe and engaging learning environment

  3. Creativity and innovation: Teachers who aren't afraid to try a little creative problem-solving are perfectly suited to teaching CS. They aren't afraid to use their creativity through technology to make learning fun  and interactive.

  4. Flexibility: Flexibility in higher-order thinking is an essential skill for learning CS. A great computer science teacher understands that there are many ways to get to the "right" place in CS and is flexible and adaptable, knowing that there is no single right answer or process. 

  5. Commitment to student success: A great computer science teacher is committed to the success of each and every student, and goes above and beyond to provide the support and guidance needed for students to reach their full potential.

Computer science teachers inspire and engage their students with learning that helps them understand the real-world applications of CS. What other traits do you think great computer science teachers have?

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