[Video] Mars farm to table: cultivating today's makers into tomorrow's problem solvers

This keynote was delivered at our Learning by Making event in New York City by Chris Regini, a science teacher at West Hollow Middle School in the Half Hollow Hills School District in Melville, New York.

When we launched our podcast, We Make The Future, an educator approached us to share how he and his students built a hydroponics garden in their school's maker space. That teacher is Chris Regini, and since then, we've been blown away by all the amazing things they're making.

You are going to accept the fact that a kid is going to teach you something because the day that that does not happen, there's too much restriction in place for way too long

This video was recorded at pi-top’s Learning by Making fringe event in New York City. If you’re hungry for more interesting talks on education, we suggest you watch: