Talking tech with Amali de Alwis from Code First: Girls

In this episode of our podcast, We Make The Future, my guest is Amali de Alwis MBE, CEO of Code First: Girls, a programme that works with businesses and individuals to encourage more women in into a career in tech.

Amali explains her love of making everything from electronic circuits as a child to strategies for blue chip companies in her career. She also talks about learning, creativity and technology to solve problems. "The technology is just technology, it's just the tools. What we want to do is encourage people use their imagination to feel empowered and enabled, so if they see these problems if there are things they want to change, they have the skills and knowledge to do that."

We also hear her thoughts on lifelong learning, why you don't always have to go to university, and how beer and ping pong in the workplace are not indicative of a strong corporate culture.

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