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What we've been reading, week 48

By Andrea Buforn on Nov 30, 2018 6:58:30 AM

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Busy week? Well if you've not had chance to catch up on the latest education, maker and technology news, don't worry, we've got it right here. 

South Korea's eight-hour exam marathon

"When I found out my score was less than what I needed, my heart broke.
I felt like I wanted to melt into the ground and disappear."

Teenagers in South Korea sat their College Scholastic Ability Test this week. This one day of back-to-back testing can determine what university they go to, or if they even go at all. Shops are shut, banks close, even the stock market opens late. Most construction work halts, planes are grounded and military training ceases to ensure everything is as quiet as possible. Parents meanwhile often spend the time praying for their children to do well. The stress must be unbearable, which is why it's perhaps no coincidence that South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world for young people. 

Ada Lovelace and the wearable computer

This week saw the 166th anniversary of the death of computer programming pioneer, Ada Lovelace. We explore her life and legacy with performer Zoe Philpott in this week's podcast. Zoe brings Ada to life in a custom-made dress with 4000 LEDs sewn into it. You can hear the podcast here. If you're interested in wearable tech, then check out www.howtogetwhatyouwant.at for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. 

The school with no buildings

"How can schools best prepare students for the future? Give them real work to do."

Interesting piece by Ted Dintersmith about a school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that has no building. Instead students work with over 100 local organisations (businesses, nonprofits and policy groups) to identify problems they can help solve. The heart and soul of the school day is the work these students do to improve their community. We rather like the line 'but after years of telling these students that if they can just struggle through, then they will get a job and get out of poverty, I realized: That’s not true.'

A Raspberry Pi escape room

We love this story about a Raspberry pi-powered escape room in San Fransisco with a retro Thomas Edison theme. We're huge fans of seeing computers and programming used for creative, artistic and theatrical uses in the real world, and this has that in spades. 

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Lifelong learning

"We’re entering an era where people are finding their skills
irrelevant at age 40, 35...and younger."

Interesting post over on the Digital Mum's blog about lifelong learning and keeping skills relevant in today's workplace. It's estimated that the 'half-life' of skill sets will soon decrease to five years. 'So over a thirty-year career - say age 32 to 62 - you'd need to update, refresh or completely retrain six times to stay relevant'. Perhaps in the future, schools will have to open their doors much more to adults as well as children?

Coolest Projects 2019

It may not be until March next year (the 2nd in the UK, 23rd in the USA), but over the holidays is a good time to get the ol' grey matter working on your Coolest Project. Registration opens in the New Year. 

Logic Magazine issue 06

"Kids these days still fall in love with computers by playing with them."

Finally, we can't wait to order the latest issue of technology and culture magazine Logic. Issue 06 is all about play. If you're in the US, you can get the print edition too. 


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