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pi-top Connections Introduction

This guide covers how you can connect your pi-top to the internet and how you can interact with your pi-top when not using a screen & keyboard.

Many pi-top users prefer to use their pi-top as a 'headless' coding device, as opposed to a traditional PC device with a wired screen & keyboard. This provides the convenience of using your regular PC, frees the pi-top from wire tethers when using it in projects such as robotics, and frees up resources on the pi-top to give your projects more power.

Connecting to your pi-top is usually done via IP address on a wireless or wired network. Once you have a network set up, there are a number of ways you might make the connection such as through Further, VNC, SSH, etc.

This guide will focus on how to get your pi-top setup on a network but also get you started in making those direct connections.