pi‑top [3], the Makers’ Laptop, is a great introduction into physical computing. Learning moves from being just screen-based to being hands-on, so you’re learning by making. It’s the perfect tool to help you learn to code, create awesome devices and systems, and take your knowledge to the next level.

pi-top [3] with components
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Be an inventor.

pi-top [3] teaches you to make your own creations on your journey as an inventor, using physical components in conjunction with code. At its heart is the hugely successful Raspberry Pi, that means you’re instantly part of a global community of learners and makers.

Please note that pi-top [3] is only compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


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Each pi-top [3] comes with an awesome Inventor’s Kit, which contains a range of components so you can start making straight away. Use the LEDs, buzzers and speakers to create your own music synth, or make a physical space race game using resistors and copper wire. Or even make a robot that interacts with you using proximity sensors and a microphone!

pi-top [3] with electronic components


Sliding the keyboard forward reveals not only the Raspberry Pi, but also the built in magnetic modular rail. It’s a sandbox workspace for you to build your creations, using pi-top accessories such as the Inventors Kit, as well as other easily available off-the-shelf electronic components.


pi-top [3] comes with pi‑top OS offering a range of apps such as Scratch, Minecraft, Microsoft Office-compatible productivity suite, 3D printing software and much more.

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