The jobs of tomorrow will be different from the jobs of today

STEM-related career opportunities are expected to rise rapidly in the next decade, and skills such as creativity and problem solving will be critical for jobs across all fields.

In their recent report, “The future of work after COVID-19”, McKinsey predict that:

  1. More than 100 million workers, or 1 in 16, will need to find a different occupation by 2030.
  2. Almost all growth in labor demand will occur in high-wage jobs.
  3. Most workers will need different skills to secure employment.

By building key STEAM skills like computer science, students also develop important soft skills.

These abilities are the foundation for a rewarding and successful career in any field, whether in technology or engineering, teaching or healthcare, business or the arts.


Imagination & innovation

Problem solving

Analysis & troubleshooting


Teamwork & leadership


Resilience & lifelong learning

“Learning itself is a skill. Unlocking the mindsets and skills to develop it can boost personal and professional lives and deliver a competitive edge.”

- McKinsey, 2020

We learn best by
making things

Research shows that learning by making is the most engaging way to learn, and skills learned from hands-on Project Based Learning are retained by students for a longer period of time. 

pi-top makes learning fun by showing students the practical applications of what they are learning, and helping them see the real world outcomes of their work.

Learning and more

pi-top software and hardware provide all the tools necessary to build your students’ computer science skills from beginning coder to advanced programmer. 

With the pi-top computer science ecosystem, the sky's the limit - your students can create anything they can dream up.

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