Inspire your students’
passion for STEM

Inspire your students’
passion for STEM

pi-top provides educators with all the tools needed to make teaching and learning standards-based Computer Science easy and engaging.

What makes pi-top computer science products different?


The Raspberry Pi!

Some computer science and robotics products use proprietary software that limit product usage solely to their own devices. 

With pi-top, teachers and students are only limited by their imagination - allowing schools to integrate components that they already have to create exciting, one-of-a-kind projects.



No need to purchase different products for different skill levels. 

Your pi-top products can be used for lessons from beginner coding to advanced programming, offering differentiated instruction opportunities based on each student’s skill level.


Teacher Support

Can teaching computer science be easy for “non-techy” teachers? Yes!

pi-top provides step-by-step computer science activities, easy to understand lesson plans, and comprehensive professional development activities, designed to give teachers the skills and confidence to implement pi-top into their lessons.


The Further CS Library

Further provides easy-to-implement computer science lessons that combine standards-aligned skills with relevant, real life activities to keep students excited to learn.

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