The world of work is rapidly changing with the accelerating rise of robots, AI and automation. McKinsey’s 2019 research into the Future of Work in America predicts that by 2030 “jobs currently held by nearly 15 million workers ages 18–34 may be automated”.

New career paths will need to be created for young people starting out. A report by Jeffrey Lin, ‘Technological adaptation, cities and new work’ highlighted that around 9% of jobs by 2030 will be ones that barely exist today. The biggest challenge for educators is how to equip students with the right skills now, so they are ready for the working world of tomorrow?

Students writing code on a whiteboard
Students coding electronics


STEM-related career opportunities are expected to rise rapidly in the next decade. The US Government is responding by targeting grants and funding for future skills development through CTE and STEAM programmes. pi-top’s hardware and software is a great solution for these technology led skills programmes. Students learn hard skills like coding and circuitry, as well as increasingly in-demand soft skills such as communication, critical thinking and problem-solving.


Research shows that students learn better when they’re inspired; inventing something hands-on and with both real world and learning outcomes. At pi-top, we believe in the transformative power of STEAM-based learning and invention in the classroom. Our product range of pi-top [4], pi-top [3] and learning platform Further, are all geared towards supporting educators and students on their project based learning journey.

pi-top 4 and Further


Further, our new software learning platform, is built for the classroom. Designed by educators, for educators, it helps you get the best out of each of your students. We’ve also made sure it’s also simple to integrate into your daily workflow.

With Further at your fingertips, you can instantly filter content based on your State standards requirements, to ensure your students have the skills and experience they need. 

We know that single sign-on is important to educators so you can easily sign in with Clevr or Google Classrooms and quickly get started with our guided on-boarding process. And it’s also easy to assign tasks and monitor progress and assessment.


pi-top ecosystem

pi-top Further educational licenses activated in 2020 include:

Projects aligned to State Standards pi-top Ecosystem
Google Classes
Synchronise with Google lesson plans All projects aligned to STEAM


Many schools are already delivering smaller project-based learning programmes in subjects such as design and technology, computer science and engineering, so we’ve designed pi-top [4] with complete compatibility in mind no matter what the subject. 

You can also integrate pi-top [4] with a range of products you might already have, such as LEGO and Meccano, as well as things you make from raw materials or repurposed objects.

pi-top LEGO car
Students with pi-top [4]


Learning can take place anywhere. So, our products enable learning in a range of environments from traditional classrooms and libraries to after school clubs and makerspaces. And with pi-top [4]’s modular design, you can take your learning outside and explore projects in the playground, sports field or wider environment.


Schools can leverage professional development and teacher training from certified members of our community.  There’s also Further, our social learning platform, which has dozens of projects to take your class through, as well as cheat sheets, training videos and teacher support materials.

Wyedean teacher and students with pi-top [4]
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