Further: The new STEM Learning Management System.

Watch our recent 1-hour webinar to learn about Further, pi-top’s learning management system for STEM, that combines physical computing and project-based learning.

Tell us what you thought about our webinar, how your school is managing the shift to remote learning, and what topics you'd like us to cover in future webinars.



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Elijah Phillips
Eli studied art, writing, and theater at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He started developing educational content ten years ago through an arts enrichment program before moving to Austin. Through programs with local museums and maker spaces he has designed and taught classes for kids and adults covering topics like 3D modeling and printing, vector design, laser cutting, physical computing, coding, basic electronics, and more. When he isn’t making or teaching, he’s walking a German shepherd named Dr. Bert, or eating more pizza than you’d imagine he could.