Further, our software learning platform, was built for the classroom. Designed by educators, for educators, it helps you get the best out of your students.

Gain access to:

  • How-To Guides to help you understand the basics
  • Challenge Projects that allow students to apply their learning
  • Spaces to allow students to publish their final projects and show what they know.
  • Classroom integrations to help your workflow
Over 100 hours of projects
Further Challenges and tutorials


Further contains over 100 hours of projects for you and your class to explore. It also contains detailed tutorials and explainers on the basics of the electronic components that come with pi‑top [4].

Ever wondered how an ultrasonic sensor works? What is a Light Emitting Diode exactly, and how do analog and digital sensors differ? Further explains all this and more as you and your class explore controlling electronics with code.

Then, when you’re ready, there are projects and systems you can build that apply that learning in ways that have tangible, practical results. 

Further Projects

pi-top Further educational licenses activated in 2020 include:

Projects aligned to State Standards pi-top Ecosystem Further.pi-top.com
Google Classes
Synchronise with Google lesson plans All projects aligned to STEAM
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