What is Further?

Further is our STEM learning management system and project library. It contains 100+ hours of fascinating step-by-step guides that help you write code to control the electronic components - lights, sensors and more - that come with pi‑top [4] or pi-top [3].

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Create anything you can imagine.

From a rocket launch animation that is executed by the push of a button, to making your own musical instrument.

Deploy code from Further to a pi-top.

Further can be accessed from any computer such as Chromebook, Mac, PC or a pi-top device. You can write code on your computer, send code to the pi-top [4] for execution, and interact with it in real-time.

Easy to use STEM learning management system for schools.

Further is designed to easily integrate into your classroom. Schools can access a host of classroom features that will make STEM instruction simple for teachers.

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10 hours

of training included.

Give kids the skills they need for the world of tomorrow.


Coding and circuitry

Start by learning the basics of the electronic components, and apply that learning to projects such as a smart house system, a reversing sensor for a vehicle or a weather station.


Develop important skills such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Curiosity and creativity

pi-top inspires kids to think ‘what if?’ – and to start thinking critically about challenges the world is facing. Leverage our library of projects to get inspired!


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths are becoming ever more crucial to a tech-fuelled world. Further brings STEM learning into your home or classroom, making it exciting and accessible.

“I liked how the online resources were easy to follow and I felt I could understand how the code fitted together. I understood each line of code and this allowed me to develop my knowledge.”

- Alex, age 13

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pi-top grows with you.

We’re continually adding new projects to Further, or you can create your own. If you want to build more advanced projects, then you can simply add more components. We have new kits coming soon, starting with the Motors & Motion Kit.