Where can I download pi-topOS?

You can download pi-topOS by clicking this link.

What is CEED Universe?

Through a gamified multi-layered learning portal, CEED Universe, gives an enhanced learning experience to teach people computing while making it more approachable. CEED Universe is a curriculum-aligned game teaching users practical computing and hardware knowledge.

Does pi-top work with other software?

Yes, if you are using a Raspberry Pi, pi-top is compatible with any software that works with the Raspberry Pi or it will be compatible with the microcomputer you use.

How can I flash pi-topOS, onto a SD card (Mac & Linux)

Please download Etcher and install for your Apple or Linux machine from here:


Then download the image file for pi-top os from here:


DOWNLOAD pi-topOS: Polaris


Then you will be able to see the zip file in your downloads folder.


Insert the SD card you would like to use, Etcher will automatically look for the card, select it then click flash.


The process will take some time dependant on your machine.


When it has finished, remove from your machine and you will be able to use your freshly installed copy of pi-top OS in your CEED or pi-top.

What is Libre Office?

It is the most actively developed free and open source office suite. Its clean interface and powerful tools let you unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. Further, it is compatible with Microsoft Office. For more information go to the Libre Office website.

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