Assembling the pi-top kit

You can find the instruction booklet on the build page. If there are any more questions please get in touch with us via the 'Get in touch' link above.

How do I connect my keyboard?

Most keyboards will be plug-and-play compatible with both the pi-top and the pi-topCEED.

How do I change the keyboard layout?

Please go to the terminal and type sudo nano /etc/default keyboard and change gb to us or vice versa.

Connecting the pi-topPROTO

The pi-topPROTO has been designed to slide into and out of the HUB and is universally compatible with the pi-top and the pi-topCEED; as a prototype-development board 


A great prototyping board for physical computing projects.
Build & connect projects with the pi-topCODER app. Slides into modular rail and is Raspberry Pi HAT compatible


Connecting the pi-topPROTO.



The battery charge is not showing

With regard to battery monitoring, the header for the GPIO pins should be installed such that the wires from the header face the screen i.e. away from you - this should solve the issue.

Which colours does pi-top come in?

Currently, the original pi-top is available in:

    -> Green

    -> Grey


The pi-top is available in:

    -> Green


These colour choices were decided based on current market demand.


If there are dramatic requests for different colours we will be open to expanding our range of colours. :)

Do I have access to all GPIO pins on pi-top?

With the use of our flagship development board the pi-topPROTO board, the user can have full access to all the Raspberry Pi’s 40 GPIO pins. The sky is the limit for which projects you can create with this snazzy tool.

How do I get access to the Raspberry Pi (or microcomputer)?

You can get access to your Raspberry Pi and hardware by sliding the acrylic slice to the side. The Raspberry pi is secured into the pi-top and the pi-topCEED via a modular design based around removable screw joints; this design allows for the pi-top and the pi-topCEED to be upgraded by removing and replacing the Raspberry Pi.

What keyboard layout does pi-top use?

At the moment, we ship with US, UK and German keyboard layouts but we are looking to expand this range in the future. If you are using the pi-topOS you can switch the keyboard layout in your settings section.

My screen is flickering

Please run the commands below in your terminal in order to fix the screen flickering issue. You can copy and paste or type them out.

To implement the patch, open the terminal and run these commands:

   sudo sed -i 's/.*hdmi_group.*/hdmi_group=2/g' /boot/config.txt
   sudo sed -i 's/.*hdmi_mode.*/hdmi_mode=86/g' /boot/config.txt

How do I insert the micro SD Card?

The SD card will hold the operating system (OS) that runs of the Raspberry Pi and all operating systems that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi are fully compatible with the pi-top and the pi-topCEED. We ship with an 8Gb Class 10 SD card.

Battery not charging

Please contact support@pi-top.com, and our friendly support staff will be able to help you find a suitable solution! :)

Where is my micro SD card?

The micro SD is included with a SD adapter for both the pi-top and pi-topCEED when bought with a Raspberry Pi.

What does pi-top come with?

  • a Raspberry Pi 3
  • pi-top PCB hubs
  • 13.3” HD screen/monitor
  • matte Trackpad
  • QWERTY layout keyboard (UK and US)
  • 12h smart battery
  • Personalisable injection moulded case
  • Customisable acrylic slice for easy access
  • Lots of cables: HDMI, USB to mircroUSB, USB to 4p and power supply
  • pi-topOS
  • Free CEED Universe educational game
  • Illustrated instructions

Sticky keyboard keys - what can I do?

Can you pop the key off by lifting from the lower edge and checking if there is any debris below it? If it isn't debris could you send us some photos, as we might be able to fix this remotely which will be the fastest option.

New pi-top: What is the new pi-top

The new pi-top is a new generation of laptops. It’s a modular laptop and introduces an all-new sliding keyboard. It’s powered by the Raspberry Pi (optional), a credit-card sized PC.


What trackpad does pi-top come with?

The pi-top matte trackpad combined with robust dual-button design allows for a smooth interaction between the user and the Operating System.

New pi-top: Who is the new pi-top for?

We’re all young at heart, that’s why pi-top have developed a new range of exciting inventor journeys to awaken anyone’s inner child. So anyone from young musicians to explorers to scientists to software developers to inventors can do what they enjoy like they’ve never done before. The all new pi-top is for anyone.


New pi-top: What colours are available for the new pi-top?

The new pi-top is available in a zesty green with dark grey bezel. See image below:



New pi-top: What keyboard layouts are available?

Currently, it is available as a US QWERTY keyboard layout.


New pi-top: What plug types are available?

The new pi-top comes with an International plug. This includes plugs for: US, UK, EU and AU.


New pi-top: What’s inside the box?

Of course, you’ll get a new generation laptop, pi-top. It’s a modular laptop and introduces an all-new sliding keyboard. Components include: 

  • 14” full HD display

  • Sliding keyboard and trackpad

  • Modular magnetic rail for building and creating

  • 8GB SD card with full pi-topOS software suite


Additionally, it includes a free inventor’s kit so you can get started building, creating and inventing. You’ll get visual building instructions and an inventor guide with 20+ projects inside! The pi-topCODER app has step-by-step guides to complete hundreds of hours of projects. 


New pi-top: What is the inventor’s kit?

The inventor’s kit is a toolbox including all the components and guides needed to start building and playing. Create your own inventions with your inventor’s kit. Discover the world of coding and building electronics. It includes several components such as

  • 1x pi-topPROTO+ (pi-topPROTO plus).
  • LED lights
  • Buttons
  • Buzzers

and more!

There are 3 inventor’s journeys -  Music Master, Smart Robot and Space Race.

Music Master 

It includes the inventor’s guide which describes 20+ inventions. You can complete them by following the step-by-step guide in the pi-topCODER app! Explore technology together and create inventions with all the bits and accessories in the kit. Some of the inventions you’ll be making are:

  • Let there be light! 

  • Melody Madness

  • Space Race

  • Clappy Hands

And more!


What is a Thermal Pad?

A thermal pad is a pre-formed square found on the heatsink as part of the Cooling Bridge. It’s main purpose is to conduct heat away from the Raspberry Pi.


What is the difference between the existing and new Thermal Pad?

There is no operational difference between the existing Thermal Pad and the thinner version.

Do I need to change my existing Thermal Pad to the thinner version?

You would only need to change the Thermal Pad if you are using Raspberry Pi 3B+. Older models of the Raspberry Pi do not require the Thermal Pad to be changed or removed.

How do I affix the new Thermal Pad?

Carefully remove the existing thicker Thermal Pad (if necessary) from the Heat Sink. Remove the adhesive label from the thinner Thermal Pad supplied separately and affix this squarely on top of the Heat Sink as detailed in the pamphlet.

Whats happens if I don’t change my thermal pad on Raspberry Pi 3B+

You may experience resistance when inserting the Cooling Bridge or you may see 3 flashing LED lights on the Hub indicating the Cooling Bridge has not been inserted fully. This

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