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The International School of Brussels

Project summary


The International School of Brussels


Brussels, Belgium

Year group

Grade 6

Number of students


School background.

The International School of Brussels (ISB) is an English-language Private Independent School that provides an international education to 1,400 students aged 2½ to 19 from over 60 countries. The school is not-for-profit and its running costs are covered by tuition fees.

The school’s mission is to develop independent learners and international citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged, and successful.


ISB did not have a strong background in programming within their lower grades and was looking for a solution that would bring relevance to the programming.

Garland Green is the IT Director at International School of Brussels (ISB) said: "When we came across pi-top, we saw a real opportunity to bring some relevance to it. We also thought pi-top [4]’s form factor was exactly what we were looking for but primarily, we picked pi-top because of the support, the online support and the courses that pi-top have put together for our kids and our teachers."

The International School of Brussels

A student project on pi-top [4]

Class activity.

Garland commented: “So far the year 6 class has built a retro gaming console using the pi-top [4], and the students can see that this technology runs the old-style games and now they're starting to say, "Oh wow, that piece of technology that we have access to is doing something that's really cool." We’ve built it repurposing materials and old equipment that we had. Other than the paint, the hinges and the actual buttons and game controllers themselves, everything in that cabinet is repurposed, which would have been thrown away. So we're showing kids ‘you can do this, this is an obtainable thing’.”


  • ISB offered their Grade 6 students the opportunity to learn Python programming for the first time. Both the teachers and the students felt confident as Further took them through every step, and could see how they were all gaining exponential experience quickly.
  • The students built several projects with pi-top [4], including a retro gaming console made out of repurposed materials. Thanks to that, they started to understand code and its real-life applications.
  • After a very successful pilot run with Grade 6, the school is planning on implementing pi-top [4] in Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9.

I think the real genius in Further is how you guys, and how pi-top [4], is the scaffolding and brings in the right literacy that can be successful, based upon the previous literacy.

Garland Green, IT Director at International School of Brussels (ISB)

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