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All Saints’ Episcopal School

Project summary


All Saints’ Episcopal School


Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, Texas. The school emphasizes leadership, academic rigour, and artistic exposure. Its aim is to provide an engaging and transformational educational experience with inspiring teachers, coaches, and mentors, in a challenging and nurturing learning environment.

All Saints’ does not currently offer computer science classes, but the school recognized the need to teach computer science as part of a rounded 21st-century education and therefore tested the pi-top [3] as a pilot project.


A group of educators from the school, comprising middle and upper school science and math teachers started using pi-top [3]’s in their lessons as a pilot.

The teachers were new to this type of hands-on teaching in computer science.

All Saints’ Episcopal School

Using pi-top [3]

Class activity.

The teachers first set up the pi-top [3] hardware by building their own laptop to get started and then followed the activities in pi-top classroom which they found easy and enjoyable.


Since using pi-top [3]’s in this pilot test, the school has decided to introduce two computer science courses in the next academic year; one to middle school students and one to upper school students both using pi-top [3]’s.

17% of the student body is really interested in learning to code and taking a computer science course next year.

Feedback from parents to the pi-top [3] pilot program has been positive – there is an appreciation of the school for introducing their children to coding and providing opportunities and activities that foster their child’s love of coding.

We found the overall user experience to be enjoyable, and the software was very easy to use.

A teacher , All Saints’ Episcopal School

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