The Foundation Kit, a metal ‘bento box’, contains 14 components including programmable sensors, buttons, and LEDs. Get started right away by learning the basics of coding and physical computing, then continue your learning by progressing into guided lesson plans in advanced coding, robotics, cybersecurity, and AI.

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Foundation Kit


A speaker which slides into the modular rail of the pi-top [3] & pi-topCEED. You can play sounds, watch videos, code up some music and create your own musical projects!

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With pi-topPROTO you get a great prototyping board for physical computing projects. You can build and connect projects with the pi-topCODER app. It also slides into the modular rail and is Raspberry Pi HAT compatible.

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FHD Touch Display and Bluetooth Keyboard.

Our HD 11.6" 1080p pi-top Touch Display and detachable Bluetooth Keyboard (US layout), both coming soon, are a great way to enhance your pi-top [4] experience. Connect them to use your pi-top [4] as a laptop or tablet.

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