PT_pitop4_learningThe Learning by Making movement is grounded in the belief that a ‘maker-mindset’ is essential for developing the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly transforming world.
We know that learning is most effective when it is student-led, open-ended, and grounded in authentic contexts. Picking up and applying theories developed by Piaget, Vygotsky, and most notably Seymour Papert, pi-top offers hands-on, collaborative learning opportunities with a low barrier of entry that we call ‘social constructionism’, or Learning by Making.
Our modular hardware, custom software and learning framework have all been designed to harness the power of Learning by Making. Our certifications are the final piece of the puzzle and will equip you to leverage a model of teaching and learning that will inspire a generation of makers who can solve real problems in the world.

Our one- and two-day workshops are hosted by the pi-top Learning Team or pi-top Certified Trainers, and will deliver both the pedagogical theory and tangible, practical guidance that you’ll need to join the pi-top Certified Network.

There are two types of certification, designed to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. If you’re not sure which one is for you, get in touch and we can help guide you.  


Best suited for: teachers and program leaders who wish to move education beyond worksheets, standardised testing and content delivery.  

A pi-top Certified Learning Designer facilitates exploration, growth and discovery and finds that spark within each student that empowers them on their Learning by Making journey.

pi-top Certified Learning Designers practice Learning by Making, learning by doing and embodied and experiential learning in order to facilitate critical and creative thinking. They have moved beyond repetitive lesson plans and are empowered to guide and facilitate a student-driven learning journey.

You can find pi-top Certified Learning Designers in classrooms, makerspaces, libraries, codeclubs, and just about any other space where learning happens. The world is their classroom.

Their learners develop knowledge, skills and competencies by designing and realising solutions to real-world challenges — the sort of creative experimentation and exploration that Papert called “hard fun.”




Best suited for: learning professionals who work as trainers and consultants.

pi-top Certified Trainers possess a passion and drive to help others transform their classrooms and learning areas into Learning by Making spaces. This is not just how they make their living; it’s their passion.

pi-top Certified Trainers believe in and practise constructionist learning and have been successfully implementing maker-learning in their work with schools and other educational settings. They are also actively delivering high quality professional development.

pi-top Certified Trainers can add this certification to their offering and help schools and fellow educators at all stages of their Learning by Making journey: from onboarding and introducing new pi-top products to making the most of existing tools and infrastructure. They will go on to certify other pi-top Certified Trainers and Learning Designers.



Lead the Learning by Making movement and influence the way we teach.

We need people like you to enact the change in education and learning that can transform our collective future. Social Constructionism is designed to give learners the sorts of critical thinking, creative, collaborative, and communication skills vital to thriving today and tomorrow. These certifications will enable you to apply this methodology to your daily practice.

"Children learn best when they are actively engaged in constructing something that has a personal meaning to them – be it a poem, a robot, a sandcastle, or a computer program.”

computer scientist, educator and constructionist pioneer

You will learn how to:

  • embed learning projects in real world contexts and communities
  • leverage evidence-based, authentic assessment rather than paper-based exams
  • design fun, engaging and scalable learning challenges
  • apply Design Thinking in education
  • transform teaching from content delivery to facilitation of student-led discovery
  • integrate making into all levels of learning.

Most importantly, you will learn how to prepare learners to successfully navigate an increasingly complex and challenging world.

Join the pi-top Certified Network and work with kindred spirits around the world to inspire a generation of makers.

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