Mars Rover

The Mars Rover (nicknamed TOM for Technology On Mars) is a mobile platform designed in a similar way to actual rovers that have been to Mars. It has six independently-driven wheels, a robotic arm with six degrees-of-freedom, a camera, and various environmental sensors to monitor air temperature, pressure and humidity. Obviously being a rover it can be remotely operated and monitored. Powered by a large lithium-ion battery, and controlled by pi-top [4], it can collect and transmit data over wi-fi or LoRa [Long-Range] radio. Unlike real rovers, Tom is built entirely out of laser-cut and 3D printed parts, which are readily available from an open-source community online.

Find out more about how we made the rover and the team behind it over on our blog.


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The team behind it:

Wil Bennett & Choudhry Amjad